Your holiday in Florence


Book between Jan 15 and Mar 15

Pey three nights out of four booked

All those who book an apartment for a period between January 15 and March 5 will enjoy a special discount up to 25% on the price of the stay.

Visit Florence in Spring and book a fantastic apartment in the center of Florence and saving on the price of your stay. Florence Spring is fantastic: a pleasant climate, many sunny days, few tourists around will make your vacation in Florence unforgettable. You will be able to experience the real Florentine lifestyle without that overcrowding pitily that sometimes makes it difficult to enjoy a quiet walk in the center.

The discount applies to all of our apartments, on reservations online through our website.

Offer on 1 week staying

If you decide to book the whole week (6 nights) your get a special discount:

Bellavista: 400 €
Golden Lily: 350 €
Abbesses: 450 €
Anna Suite: 450 €

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